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The Most Effective 
Migraine Supplement

Excellent results during clinical trial * 

Prevents Migraine Headaches

Reduces Severity of Migraines

Reduces Frequency of Migraines

Relieves Migraine Symptoms 

*Ongoing cohort Study

Senior Doctor
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Clinically Proven

Formulated by specialists and Naturopathic Doctors , with ingredients backed by several Studies and recommended by neurologists . This Revolutionary supplement has shown Excellent results during clinical trials *.

Neurologists recommend a prevention and  prophylaxis approach to migraine headaches . MIGRAINEGUARD® is the ultimate solution for  all type of migraines .With its innovative formula , it provides all necessary elements a migraineur will need for a safe and effective approach toward a better life. MIGRAINEGUARD®  has shown great safety and efficacy during rigorous assessment and is marketed for the first time in Canada an US.

We help people suffering from migraine headaches, have fewer migraine days , more fulfilling days to live , laugh and love and until there is a cure , suffer less and live more.

Stressed Man
Woman in Pain
Stressed Woman


“Life changing supplement ! My headaches were severe and prolonged and I felt a tingling sensation in my left limbs...I feel a huge improvement after only 1 month. New Life !”

Alexa, 31




well-known herb for the prophylactic treatment of migraine.

Specific extraction method High Parthenolide 


Magnesium glycinate

High Absorption Magnesium with minimal side effects


Co Q10 (active)

High Absorbtion Coq10 (act) with bioperine , effective on migraine in several studies



Relaxant, and anti-anxiety agent for Tension headaches due to stress

High Baicalein, Baicalin

How Common is Migraine?

1 Billion Worldwide

1 in 4 Households

1 in 5 Women

1 in 16 Men

1 in 11 Children

*Source American Migraine Foundation

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