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Migraines can severely affect your quality of life and stop you carrying out your normal daily activities.

Some people find they need to stay in bed for days at a time.

A very limited number of effective treatments are available to reduce the symptoms and prevent further attacks.

There are several types of migraine, including:


  • migraine with aura – where there are specific warning signs just before the migraine begins, such as seeing flashing lights

  • migraine without aura – the most common type, where the migraine happens without the specific warning signs

  • migraine aura without headache, also known as silent migraine – where an aura or other migraine symptoms are experienced, but a headache does not develop.

some people have migraines frequently, up to several times a week. Other people only have a migraine occasionally.

Many people also have symptoms such as feeling sick, being sick and increased sensitivity to light or sound. MIGRAINEGUARD is the ultimate migraine supplement backed by published study

Healthy Eating for a Healthy Head

  • Don’t skip meals, especially if this triggers migraines.

  • Consider eating 5 small meals per day. Eat limited quantity of carbohydrate with  protein or a good fat to stay full longer.

  • Don’t eat or drink anything that you KNOW triggers your migraine. Some common food “triggers” are alcohol, aged cheeses, caffeine, and chocolate.

  • Drink water through the day instead of sugary drinks like soda or juice.

  • Moderate daily Carb (250g) intake 

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